About Union

National union of poultry producers

In March 2019 was established the National Union of poultry producers as a new nonprofit organization. The initiators of the union were the largest producers of poultry meat. At present, the union unites companies whose total share is more than 60 % of all production in Russia.

The essential task of the union is to consolidate the efforts of producers by ensuring the maximum assistance to the development of the poultry industry in the context of slowing significant progress and reducing state support.

The general operations of the union are aiming at developing a unified position of the industry on critical issues and problems, representing and promoting the interests of the Union members in public authorities, industry associations, civic organizations and in the international arena, providing methodological and analytical support to the union's members.

The National union of poultry producers and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation signed an agreement on cooperation, which designated the union as a reference industry organization. By taking into account that there is a development of the new trend of communication between public authorities and the business community through industry associations and unions.  Thus by the signing of this agreement will allow the union to become a capable conductor of the industry's position at this level.

The national union of poultry producers is a member of the International Poultry Council (International Poultry Council). They are representing 90% of the world's poultry production and represent the interests of the industry in various states, international commissions, and committees.