В России создан национальный союз птицеводов

The Board of Directors of the Union included representatives of leading companies in the production of poultry meat: The Resurs Group of Companies, group "PRODO," Group "Cherkizovo," "Prioskolye," "Agrocomplex." N. I. Tkachev and agricultural holding "BEZRK-Belgrankorm," that is representing now more than 60% on the market of poultry meat.

The members of the Union confirmed that the period of extensive growth of domestic poultry production is over. Thus the preservation of Russia's leading positions in the world poultry production is possible only based on the following requirements. The increase of its effectiveness based on the most modern technologies of cultivation, slaughtering, and processing of poultry meat, the active introduction of digital methods of production management. 

The main objectives of the Union are to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic poultry products steadily. It is to create conditions for increasing the demand for poultry meat among Russian consumers. Third, ensure high standards of quality and safety of products and to create a significant export potential of the industry on this basis.