В РФ создан Национальный союз птицеводов

According to its press release distributed by the Cherkizovo group, the union was founded "in the face of new challenges and potential threats to the Russian poultry industry, as well as the need to expand the supply of domestic poultry products to foreign markets."

Representatives of the following leading poultry meat production companies joined the organization’s board of directors: Resurs AG, Prodo, Cherkizovo, Prioskolye groups, Agricultural complex n.a. N. I. Tkachev and BEZRK- Belgrankorm agricultural industrial holding. These companies account for over 60% of the whole poultry meat market.

Sergey Lakhtyukhov, who previously headed the Russian Veterinary Association, became an appointed General Director of the NUPP.

The press release reports: "The key players in the industry consider that the main objectives of the union are to consolidate efforts to maintain and further develop the national poultry industry, increase the competitiveness of domestic poultry products and create conditions for increasing the demand for poultry meat among Russian consumers." The efforts of the union members will also be aimed at ensuring high standards of quality and product safety as well as at the formation of significant export potential of the industry on these grounds.

The union also plans to organize analytical work to objectively inform the state and society on the development of poultry breeding, as well as to develop recommendations to federal and regional authorities on creating a favorable business environment.

In addition, the new union will cooperate with relevant research institutes and similar foreign and international sectoral associations, participate in the development and implementation of national programs to combat extremely dangerous animal diseases, in the development and implementation of state programs to support international competitiveness and expand agricultural exports.

The new union has become the second sectoral association in the field of poultry breeding. The sector interests are also represented by the Russian Poultry Union (Rosptitsesoyuz), which, according to the information on its website, combines poultry farms that provide about 80% of eggs and poultry meat from the whole output in the public sector, as well as scientific institutions, financial and credit institutions, specialized mechanical engineering factories and specialized foreign and domestic enterprises.