Создан новый отраслевой союз — Национальный союз птицеводов

In March of this year was launched a new branch union in the field of agriculture — the National union of poultry producers and established its activities. The Board of Directors includes representatives of the leading companies in the poultry meat production: The Resurs Group of Companies, Group "PRODO", Cherkizovo Group, Prioskolye, "Agrokompleks" named after N. I. Tkachev and agricultural holding "BEZRK-Belgrankorm", that is representing now more than 60% on the market of poultry meat. General Director of the National union of poultry producers was appointed Sergey Lakhtyukhov, formerly head of the Russian veterinary Association.

The members of the union accepted that the period of the tremendous growth of domestic poultry production is over. The members of the union realized that the period of extensive growth of domestic poultry production is over. Follow that point, the maintenance of Russia's status as one of the leaders of the world poultry production will be achievable only for the following reasons. The preservation will be feasible only by the increase of its efficiency of the most modern technologies of cultivation, slaughter, and processing of poultry meat, the active introduction of digital methods of production management.
The main objectives of the union are to consolidate the efforts of key players in the industry to maintain and further develop the national poultry industry. Also steadily increase the competitiveness of domestic poultry products, to create conditions for increasing the demand for poultry meat among Russian consumers. 

It is promoting high standards of quality, the safety of products, and the creation on this basis of significant export potential of the industry. That is how it should ensure the growing role of Russia in the world market of poultry meat and contribute to the active promotion of Russian poultry products to foreign markets.

Significant efforts of the Union members plan to direct to the active promotion and popularization of poultry meat of Russian production in the domestic and foreign markets. The establishment of extensive analytical work to objectively inform the state and society on the development of national poultry production. And further the development of recommendations to engaged Federal and regional legislative and executive authorities on the formation of a favorable business environment for further growth of poultry production in Russia, — stated the General Director of the National union of poultry producers Sergey Lakhtyukhov.

Between the activities of the Union are also admitted: cooperation with associated analysis institutes on the development of new technological solutions for the development of national poultry; active and practical participation in the development and implementation of federal programs to combat particularly dangerous types of animal diseases, and as a consequence, improving the safety of products; active participation in the development and implementation of state programs to support international competitiveness and expansion of exports of agricultural products; interaction with similar industry foreign and international associations, active involvement in the consideration and solution of global problems of interest to the world poultry industry as a whole.