Representatives of the following leading poultry meat production companies joined the union’s board of directors: RESURS agricultural group, PRODO group, Cherkizovo group, Prioskolye group, Agricultural complex n.a. N. I. Tkachev and BEZRK- Belgrankorm agricultural industrial holding, which together accounts for over 60% of the whole poultry meat market. Sergey Lakhtyukhov, who previously headed the Russian Veterinary Association, became an appointed General Director of the NUPP.

The Union members, recognizing that the period of extensive growth of domestic poultry meat production is over, are guided by the fact that keeping position of Russia as one of the leaders in the world poultry industry will be possible only through a qualitative increase in its efficiency based on the most modern technologies for growing, slaughter and processing of poultry meat and the active introduction of digital production management methods.

The union members consider its main objectives are to consolidate the efforts of key industry players to maintain and further develop the national industrial poultry breeding, to steadily increase the competitiveness of domestic poultry products, and to create conditions for increasing the demand for poultry meat among Russian consumers. As well as ensuring high standards of quality and safety of manufactured products and formation of significant export potential of the industry due to this, to ensure the increasingly larger role of Russia in the global poultry market and to facilitate the active promotion of Russian poultry products in foreign markets.

“The Union’s members plan to focus significant efforts at active promotion and popularization of the Russian poultry meat in the domestic and foreign markets, organization of serious analytical work in order to inform the state and society on the development of national poultry breeding, as well as making recommendations to interested federal and regional legislative and executive authorities on creating a favorable business environment for further growth in poultry meat production in Russia”, said Sergey Lakhtyukhov, General Director of the NUPP.

The union’s activities will probably also include cooperation with relevant research institutes on the search of new technological solutions for the development of national poultry breeding; active and practical participation in the development and implementation of national programs to combat extremely dangerous types of animal diseases aimed at improving the safety of products; active participation in the development and implementation of state programs to support international competitiveness and expand export of agricultural products; cooperation with similar foreign and international sectoral associations, active involvement in the consideration and solution of global poultry industry problems.

The National Union of Poultry Breeders is intended to abide in its work by high business integrity standards, the principles of transparency and openness and willingness to interact with all interested organizations and private individuals.

Union’s activities shall contribute to the implementation of the urgent objectives of the national poultry industry development to increase its authority in Russia and abroad. The Union is ready to accept new members, both those who are professionally engaged in the poultry meat production and organizations providing services to poultry farms.